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An FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device
that increases oral-motor muscle strength.

Facial Concepts, Inc. (FCI) was formed in 1989 to develop patented facial rehabilitation devices that increase oral-motor muscle strength. The Facial-Flex® face exercise device was originally created as a treatment method for microstomia, a severe constricture of the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle surrounding the mouth) caused by deep facial burns.

However, the potential for broader rehabilitation applications was quickly recognized, both in speech-language pathology and aesthetics, where Facial-Flex was seen as a device that might deliver the results of an all-natural facelift, without surgery. Since 1990, FCI has taken the device from prototype, through United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) registration, clinical testing, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, sales and distribution. The Facial-Flex device was functionally tested in the aesthetics market by a broad cross-section of people experiencing facial muscle laxity, without oral-motor impairment. The device was found to be safe and effective, and to date, over 1 million Facial-Flex units have been sold as a face exercise, neck exercise and chin exercise unit, with results that lead to facial rejuvenation.

FCI has also established Facial-Flex as a medical product for facial care and rehabilitation. Clinical studies show significant, positive results and suggest multiple applications for resistance exercise devices in a range of craniofacial rehabilitation applications, such as speech disorder and other facial muscle weaknesses. In rehabilitative healthcare applications, such as speech-language pathology, restoration of oral-motor muscle strength is a major treatment objective. There is currently no device, other than Facial-Flex, that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can provide, prescribe and recommend to their patients that is proven to systematically improve oral-motor strength, range and coordination. (Results and measurable outcomes are a central focus in managed healthcare today.)

We will continue to explore new applications and product line extensions for craniofacial rehabilitation through cooperative research with major universities and expert healthcare practitioners. The body of clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of the Facial-Flex device, coupled with being first to market in both over-the-counter and clinical healthcare applications, contributes significantly to our brand validity. Simultaneous with clinical initiatives, FCI will continue targeting over-the-counter healthcare in the aesthetics market.

As the first and only progressive resistance exercise device clinically proven to develop face toning, reduce wrinkles and offer facial rejuvenation, Facial-Flex offers an all-natural face lift. You work out to stay healthy, strong and youthful. Facial-Flex applies that same logic to the 30 muscle groups that support your face, chin and neck.

Over 1 million people have purchased the Facial-Flex device and realized the promise of a face lift without surgery. We invite you to join them.

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