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Temple University School of Dentistry
A Clinical Study of the Effects of Facial-Flex® in Patients with TMD

By Drs. R. Braun and K. Zarrinnia

The authors tested two groups of female patients with TMD to evaluate the benefits of using the Facial-Flex exerciser over a 60-day period. One group used the device twice a day and a control group did not use it.

Two tests were used to evaluate the patients' condition: one, the Dysfunction Index, DI, obtained by clinical examination of mandibular movement, TMJ noise and TMJ capsule palpation, and the other, the Palpation Index, PI, obtained by clinical examination/palpation of the extraoral and intraoral muscles. The Craniomandibular Index, CMI, combines the Dysfunction and Palpation Indexes by the formula CMI=DI+PI/2.

The report lists individual DI and PI figures for all patients before and after the 60-day test period. However, the Craniomandibular CMI figures have not been calculated and tabulated even though the authors conclude, "the CMI alone shows a statistically significant difference concerning the improvements exhibited by the two groups as a result of the treatment." The tables that follow include both individual and average Craniomandibular Index figures. The average CMI figures are compared below for both groups before and after the 60-day test.

Improvement as measured by change in average CMI showed the control group improved by 11.8% while the experimental group improved by 41.8%.

   Control Group  Experimental Group
 Initial Exam  7.37  9.31
 Final Exam  6.50  5.42
 CMI change    .87 (11.8%)  3.89 (41.8%)
 Post-Evaluation by:    
 James B. Godshalk, B.S.    
 Chemical Engineering    
 University of Pennsylvania    
 January 11, 2000    
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