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Speech Involvement in Healthy Adults
Oral-Motor Physiological Effects of an 8-Week Mechanically Aided Resistance Exercise Program

By Pascal van Lieshout, Ph.D., Arpita Bose, M.Sc., Aravind Namasivayam Kumar, M.Sc., University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Speech-Language Pathology, Canada

This paper describes a study on the physiological effects of an 8-week mechanically aided exercise program using the Facial-Flex® device with 4 healthy normal-speaking subjects.
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Treating Voice Disorders
The Use of Facial-Flex® as an Adjunct to Speech Therapy in the Treatment of Voice Disorders:
A Case Report

By Joseph R. Spiegel, M.D., Judith N. Creed, M.A., CCC-SLP, Kate A. Emerich, M.S., CCC-SLP

This case report demonstrates early results in a patient with disorders of both muscular weakness and hyperfunction that affect the voice, after using the Facial-Flex® device.
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Physical Rehabilitation
Recovery of Facial Muscle Strength in the Disabled Through a Mechanically Aided Resistance
Exercise Program

By Judith Creed, M.A., CCC, SLP, Joseph R. Spiegel, M.D., Jesse Selber, B.A.

A preliminary and informal presentation of findings in 3 residents of a skilled nursing facility who used Facial-Flex® as a therapy to strengthen weak oral-facial muscles.
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The Use of Facial-Flex® as an Adjunct to Speech Therapy in Recovery from
Extensive Oral Cavity Carcinoma

By Joseph R. Spiegel, M.D., Judith N. Creed, M.A., CCC-SLP

This study follows a 74-year-old woman’s recovery after an extensive surgical procedure that left her with difficulty opening her mouth, jaw motion pain during eating and poor articulation.
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Speech Therapy for Children
Adjunct to Traditional Speech Therapy

The study was designed to evaluate the use of both a pediatric and adult model in children, to evaluate the efficacy of building facial muscle strength in children using the device and to evaluate the result of a short course of progressive resistance exercise on traditional speech therapy for many different articulation disorders.
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Using Facial-Flex® to Assist Treatment of Articulation Disorders
Supervised by: Judith Creed, M.A., SLP-CCC, Joseph R. Spiegel, M.D., FACS

Facial-Flex® was used as an adjunct to traditional speech therapy in a population of school-age children being treated for articulation disorders.
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