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Elizabeth - Age 50
"I noticed the difference in my jawline right away."
Before & After
Discover how 5 real women saw real results in a 12-week study.

Ann - Age 35

Donna - Age 38

Elizabeth - Age 50

Karen - Age 37

Marguerite - Age 46

Before and After Study of Facial-Flex® Ultra with Advanced Renewal Complex

Facial Concepts, Inc. validates the authenticity of the before-and-after photos. They are untouched and certified by an unbiased professional photographer who presents an affidavit to the manner in which they were taken.

Statement of Participation

All participants were selected through a newspaper advertisement in the Philadelphia area. Participants were between the age of 35-50 years old; had no facial surgery before or during the treatment period; were non-smokers; and used the Facial-Flex Ultra exercise and toning system, which included the Facial-Flex exercise device and the Facial-Flex Advanced Renewal Complex topical cream, twice daily for a period of 12 weeks. Furthermore, all participants were evaluated by a physician at the outset, and again during the later half of the exercise period.

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