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Clinically proven to LIFT, TONE & FIRM your face, chin and neck,
Facial-Flex® is backed by clinical data supporting the system's efficacy.

Why is face exercise so important—and effective? Well, first you need to understand the basics of muscular anatomy. Muscle is made up of millions of tiny protein filaments that work together to produce motion in the body. Each of more than 600 muscles in the body is served by nerves that link the muscle to the brain and spinal cord and exerts force by converting chemical energy into tension and contraction.

Muscles move and make us capable of executing a number of actions. However, muscles really only contract and become shorter; they pull but cannot push— which is why resistance training works. Smooth organ muscles and cardiac muscles are involuntary and not under any conscious control, but striated muscles make up about 23% of a woman's and 40% of a man's body weight. They are the body's most abundant tissue, and it is these striated muscles that make up our facial tissue.

Over time, without facial exercise these muscles can result in facial wrinkles, face sagging and lack of tone. But the good news is, just like your body muscles, your facial muscles can be strengthened significantly and improved by exercise and resistance training.

In clinical studies, Facial-Flex® proves its ability to offer measurable facial rejuvenation.

Linebaugh Test
Based on an average of 45 repetitions in an initial 2-minute period, the same participants saw a 250% increase, after 8 weeks in facial muscle strength (an average of 110 repetitions in a 2-minute period).

Muscle Basics 101
Using dynamic resistance, the same resistance used when training at the gym, Facial-Flex exercises the 30 muscle groups that support your face, chin and neck.

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