Gone are the days of packing endless bottles of hairspray. Thanks to the TSA travel regulations, every woman must live by the 3 oz. rule. Don’t let a bounty of beauty products weigh down your luggage though. From product saviors to beauty packing tricks, we’ve rounded up our top 10 travel beauty tips for your vacation.



  1. Combat bad hair days on long flights by tying a scarf around your head. It’s easier than bothering with a top knot!
  2. Pack travel-size beauty products. From miniature dry shampoos to sample-size eye creams and lotions, these mini kits can work wonders not only for travel but the destination as well.
  3. Pre-moistened makeup remover wipes instantly refreshes skin during long car trips.
  4. Opt for makeup corrector and concealer sticks. Liquid formulas can be messy when traveling (and can leak!).
  5. Pack a travel size mineral mist. Mists help keep you hydrated without any flaky finish.
  6. Don’t pack every hair hot tool you have, just bring a flat iron. Not only can you use a travel flat iron on your hair for sleek looks or pretty waves, but you can also use it to quick irons on wrinkled shirts.
  7. Avoid big fragrance bottles and stick to those tiny little perfume samples you get at department stores. If you don’t have those, opt for small bottles of oils and shower gels to saver your favorite scent.
  8. Pack your toiletries in zip-lock bags. This will prevent any spills on clothing and other possessions. Clear travel makeup bags also make it easier when you’re hunting for products.
  9. Look for products with multiple uses. Cheek and lip tints, travel-sized leave-in conditioners and shadow that double as liner are great alternatives to attempting to pack your entire vanity.
  10.  Minimize your nail wardrobe with a built-in 3-in-1 base, polish, and top coat; or opt for one or two neutral nail colors for your trip.