20 million Americans owe money to the IRS this tax season – a stress capable of causing wrinkles on anyone. If you owe tax money, your frugal, cost savvy budget this month probably doesn’t include expensive anti-aging remedies. You’ve probably accepted your fate of another stressful tax season, another year of looking older than you are.

But we don’t think that’s fair. We think you’ve paid your debt and should suffer no more! Instead of paying anywhere between $50- $100 to look your best, we have compiled our top 3 natural home remedies for youthful skin that won’t break the bank.

What you’ll need for the best anti-wrinkle cream:

·        2 tsp jojoba oil
·        1 tsp coconut oil
·        3 tsp apricot kernel oil
·        3 tsp Rosehip seed oil
·        5 drops carrot-seed essential oil (optional)
·        1 1/2 tsp beeswax pastilles
·        5 tsp rose-water

Place beeswax, jojoba, coconut, rosehip and essential oils (basically everything besides the rose water!) in a double boiler or right in a stainless steel pan (I have one just for making homemade skincare).  Heat on low very gently to melt wax about 5-8 minutes.  Stir well, remove from heat. Slowly stir in rose water. Place in fridge until set. Makes a small 2.5 oz jar. Use in the morning and evening.

What you’ll need for the best anti-wrinkle tincture:

·        Fresh rosemary
·        1 cup of white wine or vodka



1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary, which would cover with a glass of white wine (for dry and normal skin) or a glass of vodka (for oily skin). Put this mixture in a bottle or glass jar and then shake it every two days. Strain it after six weeks and you can use it. Store it in a cool, dark place. Every morning and evening, rub you face with a cotton pad dipped in the tincture. And after six weeks there will be no doubt that you will feel its beneficial results.

What you’ll need for the best anti-wrinkle mask:

·        Half of a banana
·        1 tsp of honey
·        1 tsp of yogurt
·        2 slices of cucumbers or dried apricots

Place the banana, honey, and yogurt in a bowl. Mash with a fork and apply with your fingers to your face. Apply the fresh cucumbers on your eyes. If you are using dried apricots, soak them in water for several hours and then arrange them around the eyes. This will make the skin more elastic and will minimize the small wrinkles around the eyes. Let the mask dry for 20-30 minutes. Wash off your face with a clean, warm washcloth.

Your genes only govern 30% of how you age; the other 70% is up to you. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and plentiful sleep can ensure you look and feel young. Other tips to maintain youthful skin include protecting your skin and eyes from the sun, sleeping on your back to avoid face lines, and hydrating your body and skin regularly.