This is the first of our Ask Facial-Flex blog series. Here you’ll see questions asked by dedicated Facial-Flex users with detailed answers from an executive member of our staff.

Our first question came from a body-mind therapist, named Jacqui. She wanted to know more about the forming of upper lip wrinkles.

“I have been using the Facial-Flex for many years (at least 20), though I admit not as consistently as I probably should. I’m 72 years old and I do believe it has helped tone many of my facial muscles. But in the past year, I’m finding wrinkles above my upper lip. I have never smoked, which is often suggested as the cause for this. I’m wondering if this product addresses these muscles at all and if I should be adjusting how I use the Facial-Flex in any way. I’d appreciate any thoughts on this.”

Dear Jacqui,

We are happy to respond to your comment about those dastardly creases that seem to form above the upper lip when you exercise with Facial-Flex.

We all fight the same battle, so a simple exercise technique could likely make all the difference.

The upper lip lines can be avoided by changing the technique you use while exercising. Sometimes people will naturally pucker their upper lip while placing the load on the rest of the facial muscles.

The trick is to concentrate on keeping the upper lip smooth and flat while exercising. Looking in the mirror while trying this is helpful. This will help the upper lip muscle and force it to engage in the dynamic resistance which tones and strengthens that area. Otherwise, the repetitive puckering will deepen the lines. This is why smokers who pucker their lips while smoking are more prone to these lines deepening than others.

Women tend to pucker their lips more than men which is perfectly normal. I think we are more fearless of expression and our facial skin is far more delicate. Women smokers have the most difficulty combatting these upper lip creases. But. even if you’re not a smoker, there is a special technique in exercising with Facial-Flex that can help minimize that problematic area.

The key is to make sure you keep the upper lip flat and wrap it around your upper teeth as much as possible while compressing the Facial-Flex device…exaggerate the flatness of the upper lip while engaging the other facial muscles on both sides of the face. You will find yourself doing a natural form of a more oval compression (rather than on “O” compression).

Watch Dezi, one of our longest and strongest Facial-Flexers, demonstrate perfect form.

No lip lines!

Most importantly: Keep the upper lip flat at all times! Do it whichever way is most comfortable for you at first and work toward perfection.