Love is in the air, and what better time to indulge yourself with a gift to rejuvenate your appearance.
Facial-Flex Ultra is clinically proven to help restore lost muscle tone, and strengthen the chin, neck, and cheek area lifting the face without surgery. Made of surgical stainless steel with comfortable plastic tips, it uses resistive exercises to make the face appear noticeably tighter and smoother with significant results within 60 days. It also promotes circulation for a healthy-looking glow. 
Treat yourself with  the Valentine’s Day exclusive offer from Facial-Flex that includes 14 oz. bands with the purchase of a Facial-Flex System, or a free DVD with the purchase of the Facial-Flex Ultra on its own. The offer applies to purchases made at on Valentine’s Day.

The Facial-Flex Ultra System includes:
(Plus 14 oz. Bands with Special Offer)
   ·   Facial-Flex Ultra device
   ·   6 mo. supply of resistance bands (6 oz. & 8 oz.)
   ·   Discrete carrying case
   ·   Instructional DVD
   ·   Advanced Renewal Complex
   ·   Progress Chart
   ·   Clinical Background
   ·   1-year product warranty


The Facial-Flex Ultra includes: (Plus free DVD with Special Offer)
·   Facial-Flex Ultra device
·   6 mo. supply of resistance bands (6 oz. & 8 oz.)
·   Discrete carrying case
·   Progress Chart
·   Clinical Background
 ·   1-year product warranty

Mike (Clifton, NJ), Facial-Flex Ultra consumer and advocate states “I do as many repetitions as I can in two minutes twice a day (morning and night). I’ve been doing it for a week and my face already looks tighter. I also applied the cream to my face twice a day right before I exercised.
It is never too late to start implementing simple everyday facial exercises to help reduce and in some cases reverse the effects of aging.