DNA & BeautyThe most wonderful thing about being human is that each of us is completely unique, just like a finger print, thanks to our DNA makeup.  DNA determines our eye color, hair color, height, as well as other physical attributes. The section of DNA that determines our physical appearance is called genes; these genes are a mixture of DNA passed down from both our parents, which ultimately determine the traits we receive. Unfortunately, even if your mother is supermodel esque, it doesn’t necessarily mean those favorable attributes will be bestowed upon you.


While DNA plays an integral part in whom we are and what we look like, it is not the end all. A person can have a perfect gene pool resulting in flawless beauty, only later to be wrecked by lifestyle choices. We have all seen this happen time and time again, to many of our beloved Hollywood beauties. 

The luck factor in the DNA received is helpful, but it is important to maintain what we were given regardless if you are a flawless beauty or more of an average Jane. Here are a few anti aging regimen tips to keep your skin looking beautiful and wrinkle free.


Watch Your Sun Exposure:
UVA/UVB rays from the sun are extremely damaging to the epidermis and under layers of the skin, which can result in wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. When choosing a daily moisturizer, select one that has a broad spectrum SPF to protect your skin.
Limit Alcohol Consumption:
We all like to let our hair down to join the party with a cocktail, just be conscious of the amount and frequency in which you partake. Alcohol is okay in small quantities, but if over used or abused it can result in dehydrated skin which speeds up the aging process.
Develop A Daily Beauty Regimen:
It is common knowledge that to maintain healthy skin, cleansing, toning and moisturizing is required. Develop an anti aging regimen that you can stick to on a daily basis, and maybe consider adding facial exercise to work from the inside out. Muscle atrophy is the leading cause of facial lines, creases and folds. Facial-Flex is a medical device used to tone the muscles of the face, chin and neck, reducing the effects of aging.
It is never too late to start implementing simple everyday practices like these to help reduce and in some cases reverse the effects of aging. To learn more about Facial Concepts, Inc. and our products visit us at www.facialflex.com