The people that use Facial Flex never fail to move us. When we received an email from Facial Flex user, Lucy Brummett, it was no different. Lucy shared her journey with facial exercise using Facial Flex, giving us a unique perspective on how it helped alleviate her symptoms with Bell’s palsy. Stories like Lucy’s are always a source of happiness for us, and we hope her story can be an outlet of hope and positivity for those struggling with Bell’s palsy.

Here is what she said in her email:



I bought your device a year ago and this is Day 4 that I have used it. I had Bell’s Palsy in 2000 during my pregnancy and did not recover as most people do. In 2014 I started getting Botox to help bring symmetry to my face. Every four months I get Dysport injections and have never had physical therapy for it.


I was afraid to use it [Facial-Flex device] since I thought my left side wasn’t strong enough. It has been 20 years. In this short time, I see my former dimple showing up and a remarkable difference with my face. My face and neck were sore. Now I know why and that it is working! I have been able to flex that area by focusing on that muscle.


I can’t believe it and neither can my family.


Thank you so much!!

When we read this email, we were blown away and asked if we could sit down and hear more about Lucy’s story.

Lucy tells us she has been trying to find a way to improve the symmetry of her face since she was first diagnosed with Bell’s palsy during the last few months of her pregnancy in February 2000. During this time, she experienced loss of taste, an inability to shut her left eye, and a drooping mouth–all common symptoms of Bell’s palsy.

For most people, such symptoms are only temporary and typically improve over a short period of time. For a small group of individuals, including Lucy, symptoms are residual, lasting much longer and can even become permanent.

Lucy’s long-term experience with Bell’s palsy took a physical and mental toll on her life. Previously, she was a naturally social and confident person. With Bell’s palsy however, she found it challenging to exhibit this side of her personality.

“For a few years my confidence was very low. I used to be very social as a writer and full-time worker…it really shook my confidence.”

First steps are sometimes the hardest to make. In 2014, Lucy took her first step in reclaiming her confidence by reaching out to a doctor outside her general practitioners. From here, Lucy began botox and Dysport treatments.

“There is no cure or anything like that, but every 4 months I drive 2 hours to go to a plastic surgeon where I’m treated with botox. Eventually I began using a longer lasting treatment called Dysport to create more symmetry within my face.”

So when does Facial Flex come into the picture?

It wasn’t until just recently that Lucy rediscovered her Facial Flex device, and in a similar manner that most do–accidentally while cleaning out a cabinet!

“I was cleaning under my cabinet one day when I found the case again and I said, you know what–let’s just try it.”

Lucy tells us that her symptoms with Bell’s palsy have continued to lessen with the help of facial exercise. When we asked her what advice she would give to those who have just been diagnosed, she tells us her #1 tip is start using Facial Flex… and immediately!

“The number one thing I wish I had was the option of getting physical therapy for the face. So definitely get a Facial Flex for sure, and start right from the beginning…when you’re in that small percentage of people that don’t heal within a month, I would recommend Facial Flex even more.”

Overcoming this hurdle with the help of doctors and Facial Flex brought Lucy to a new place in life. She says, “It gave me hope, and from that point it propelled me forward to do things that I wanted to do in my life.”

But when we hear Lucy’s story, we can’t just say it was the doctors and Facial Flex that allowed her to thrive–equally, if not more, it was her strong mentality and determination to persevere through it all. Lucy’s motto, words she crafted herself, is evidence of this attitude:

“Your path is directed by your vision and passion in reaching your desired destination.”

We couldn’t have said it any better.

Rising above long-term symptoms of Bell’s palsy is no easy feat, but Lucy is evidence that it can be done. And we’re so happy that Facial Flex could be a part of her journey.


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