Our skin naturally decreases oil production as we mature. Over time, dry skin is less resilient and wrinkles come of age. Eating a healthy, vibrantly colored diet certainly helps, but nothing works to combat low oil levels than with natural oils. Plenty of commercial products exist whether online, at your drugstore or department store. Instead of opting for anti-aging creams that contain a long, expensive, and incomprehensible ingredient list, try natural oils.

Lipophilic or natural oils do not contain any toxic chemicals that harm the skin or cause your immune system to react negatively. They absorb safely, won’t clog pores, retain moisture, and contain proteins and nutrients that stimulate cell-regeneration. You don’t have to break the bank with commercial name brand products. Make your own anti-aging creams and serums using these DIY holiday skin care recipes. Create a little extra and give these homemade skin care gifts to family and friends.

Facial-Flex® has a homemade essential oil recipe for your face to prevent and fight wrinkles and one for the eyes:

1. Rosehip & Carrot Seed Facial Serum Create a fantastic moisturizing serum for mature, dry, or damaged skin. The ingredient list contains all natural oils with many benefits.

Rosehip seed oil is high in retinol which is a natural derivative of Vitamin A that repairs damaged tissue and reduces scars and wrinkles. Rosehip seed oil also contains omega fatty acids, lycopene and beta-carotene, two potent antioxidants.

Carrot seed oil is packed with carotenoids which helps prevent sun damage, boosts the body’s immune response to ultraviolet rays, detoxifies and encourages cell rejuvenation.

Helichrysum essential oil increases skin regeneration and heal hyperpigmentation.

Pomegranate seed oil is a powerful antioxidant and skin regenerator for healing eczema and psoriasis.

Make sure to choose high quality, organic essential oils from your natural foods store or other reputable location.


  • 1 Tablespoon Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
  • ½ Tablespoon Organic Jojoba Oil
  • ½ Tablespoon Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • 5 – 10 drops Vitamin E Oil
  • 10 drops Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil
  • 1 0z Glass Bottle with Dropper

Combine all oils into the glass bottle and then gently shake to evenly distribute the ingredients. Use the facial serum daily as your moisturizer.

2. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Make an excellent holiday gift with this anti-wrinkle eye cream. It is thickened with beeswax, but can be made with any natural wax. The recipe contains carrot, jojoba and rosehip facial-holiday-homemade-reciepeseed oils used in the cream above. In addition, this cream contains apricot kernel oil.

Apricot kernel oil is high in vitamins A and E and full of gamma linoleum acid, all of which helps balance skin moisture levels and rejuvenates the skin.

  • 3 Teaspoon Organic Jojoba Oil
  • 3 Teaspoon Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 3 Teaspoon Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
  • 5 Drops Organic Carrot-Seed Essential Oil
  • 1 1/2 Teaspoon Beeswax Pastilles
  • 5 Teaspoon Rose-Water (Optional)
  • Double Boiler
  • 2.5 oz Glass Jelly Jar

Combine beeswax, jojoba, rosehip and apricot oils in a double boiler and heat gently to melt the wax. You can also put the glass jelly jar into a pan of warm water. Stir ingredients until smooth in consistently, remove from heat and then slowly stir in remaining ingredients. Place in fridge until set. Makes a small 2.5 oz jar. Use under eyes in the morning and evening.

These two DIY holiday skin care recipes create smooth, moisturized skin while combating aging. Share in the rejuvenation and create a basket with your homemade skin care gifts and a Facial-Flex® device. You will be the praised Santa for the whole year.

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