The holidays can induce higher than normal stress levels with all the hustle and bustle that seems to accompany the season.
The University of California San Francisco recently published the first study to link psychological stress to aging at the cellular level. All indicators suggest that the more stressed you are, the more cells die, impacting the visible effects of premature aging such as wrinkles.
How can you avoid aging over the holiday? Try these simple tips for holiday stress management:
#1 Prepare Ahead
From holiday parties to shopping extravaganzas if you plan ahead with a to-do list the seemingly impossible becomes manageable and even gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself in process.
#Eat Healthy
Cookies, candy, chocolate galore! We are bombarded with spirited treats during the holiday season and often partake maybe a little more than we should. Arm yourself with a healthy snack that will help you say no to the extra sugary treat. Your complexion and waistline will thank you when the New Year bells ring.
We are all crunched for time, running from one thing to the next, but that is no excuse to forgo the usual exercise regimen.  Try something you can do on the go, and don’t forget your face. Facial Flex Ultra is a facial exercise device that is clinically proven to tone the face, chin and neck reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
Sleep is very important, more important than ticking one more thing off that to-do list, so give yourself a break and try to get in8 hours.  You will be refreshed and have more energy to seize the day
Moral of the story, reduce your stress level this season and save face in the New Year! Happy Holiday’s from Facial-Flex.