We dedicate hours to working out and toning our body, so why not spend a few extra minutes on face toning exercises so we look good from head to toe? There are 42 facial muscles that control movements and expressions and help define our facial features over time. In this mini-series, we’re going to focus on different parts of the face and how to work the muscles and care for each area to make sure you look your absolute best!

First up, look up! Today, we’re taking a look at a member of the muscles of expression. The occipitofrontalis, also known as your forehead. This muscle is the most superior facial muscle and is responsible for wrinkling your forehead and raising your eyebrows, which reveals many different emotions. Go ahead and make a surprised look by raising your eyebrows, then switch to angry by lowering them and scrunching them together (which also uses the procerus, the muscle between your eyebrows).

These muscles are put to work throughout the entire day. When you’re talking, watching TV, or reading, you’re experiencing different emotions that you tend to express on your face, even if you don’t realize it! Your age, emotion and health can be written right on your forehead with wrinkles, lines, and sagging muscles. Here are two moves to increase circulation and help smooth any wrinkles or fine lines.

[Before starting, make sure to wash your hands and face to prevent breakouts!!]


This move focuses on how to reduce forehead lines with face toning exercises. To start, place 3 fingers from each hand at the center of your forehead. Slowly drag your fingers outward while pulling your ring fingers down toward your eyebrows, applying light pressure so the skin tightens. Relax, and then repeat 10 times.

(Mix it up and modify this move by using 2 fingers from each hand and using the top to pull the skin up towards
your hairline and the bottom towards your eyebrows)



Have you just experienced a long day of work followed by an evening of chasing around kids? Ease headaches and relieve some of the tension built up in your forehead with the following move:
Start with two fingers placed on your temples. Start moving in small circles and slowly make your way up along the top of your eyebrows. When your fingers meet, go up the forehead and then down the hairline until you’re back at the temples. Relax your muscles. Repeat.

(Bonus: Get your scalp in on the action by going backwards behind the ear and down towards the nape of your neck)

Now that the tension is gone and we’re feeling relaxed, but how do we look? The forehead area gets oily throughout the day and is the spot most prone to breakouts so it should be treated with care. Here are a few tips to keeping your forehead looking as great at is feels:

  • Make sure you’re washing your pillow cases and sheets regularly.
  • Carry around cleansing pads to soak up the oil throughout the day to prevent clogged pores.
  • Applying moisturizer with SPF regularly will keep your skin young and smooth.
  • Clean makeup brushes! Cleaning brushes gets rid of oil, dirt and bacteria, all of which destroy beautiful skin. Warm water and baby shampoo is a great way to get rid of any harmful buildup.
  • Keep your hands off! Throughout the day we touch a lot of bacteria and germs and then absentmindedly rub our forehead, which causes breakouts and major skin damage. Keep your hands clean and to themselves until you’re safe at home ready to do the exercises we provide for you!


Our face takes on a beating as we age and are exposed to different elements. Our skin will sag, wrinkle, breakout, and crack if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. The tips we provide will help you stay looking and feeling your best! The next Know Your Face post will be focused on the area around your eyes, so stay tuned. For now, check out our website to see how the Facial Flex has transformed the lives of millions of customers!