Only Flex-Bands Will Do When It Comes To Using Your Facial-Flex

Don’t fall for imposter bands when flexing with Facial-Flex. Only Flex-Bands will do!

Though many types of orthodontist bands can be found on the market, those are intended for other purposes and applications. And, while those bands may work for all of those other purposes, they do not and will not work with Facial-Flex.

The Right Resistance For the Right Exercise

Flex-Bands come in 6oz., 8oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

These measurements describe the resistance applied to your facial muscles as you go through your flexing routine. For best results, we recommend starting at 6oz. and then stepping up the resistance as you feel the exercises get easier over time. Once you’ve reached the 16 oz. bands, you’re really a pro! Continue with your Facial-Flex and increase repetitions to maintain your results.

If you’ve been using everyday orthodontist bands meant for other purposes, here is some bad news: The vast majority of those bands only give 1oz. or less of resistance.

In short, using any other band but a Flex-Band won’t give you the results you’re looking for with the Facial-Flex.

Careful With Imposters

Although Flex-Bands are already a great economical value, we understand that orthodontist bands can be quite a bit cheaper when bought in bulk.

What’s the old adage? You get what you pay for…

Those same bands that don’t have the resistance needed to truly work your facial muscles also don’t undergo the same rigorous testing process that Flex-Bands go through in order to make sure they will work with your device. The moment you put another band on your Facial-Flex, your warranty is voided.


More Flex-Bands Are Coming

Other than price, we know one reason our avid Facial-Flexers turn to other bands is those bulk sizes. We understand that it’s easier to buy once and not worry about it for a while. Because we love our clients, we’ve got something special on the horizon. Soon, getting the right size and quality bands onto your Facial-Flex will be easier than ever before.

Stay tuned!

Did you just realize you’re running out of Flex-Bands? Need to step up to a higher resistance? Order now! We are happy to help.