Changing The Flex Bands

When to replace the Flex Bands

It’s important to replace your Flex-Bands once a week. Clinical studies have proven that maintaining consistent resistance through weekly replacement of the bands provides maximum benefits by increasing muscle strength and improving skin elasticity.

As you increase your muscle strength, you’ll want to graduate from 6 oz. to 8 oz. and ultimately to 16 oz. Flex-Bands for maximum results. Our Flex-Bands are made specifically to generate optimal results from face exercises and should be changed according to schedule.

Do not use more than one Flex-Band at a time as this could compromise the strength of the device, cause injury, and void the warranty.

Changing the Flex Bands

To remove the existing band, pull it off the mounts located on top of the center abutments. Install the new Flex-Band by stretching the band over the mounts located on top of the center abutments. Make sure that the progressive resistance exercise band is positioned properly on both mounts and that no binding occurs when you compress Facial-Flex® between your fingers.

For further assistance, watch the “Changing the Flex-Bands” video.

Instructions for Older Models

Older models (circa 1990s) do not have any mounts to attach the Flex-Bands. To attach the band, begin by stretching the band over the white end piece of the device. Bring the band over so that it is now around the metal area of the device. Finally, stretch the band horizontally across the white centerpiece. For further assistance, please watch the “Changing Flex-Bands on Older Models” video.

We highly recommend customers to consider purchasing our current Facial-Flex model. We’ve made the device more durable, increasing the resistance of exercise and therefore the efficiency of the device.

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