What do you really know about dark spots (other than removing them is key to looking younger)? Today we’re debunking common myths about facial hyper pigmentation (and a few good tips on ways to fade them).

True or False: Melatonin gives your skin its color.

False. Melanin, produced by cells in your body called melanocytes, is the pigment that gives your skin its color. While everyone has the same number of melanocytes, it’s your DNA that determines in which they function in your skin.

True or False: Sun exposure is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation.

True! Not only does sun exposure cause wrinkles, but it can also lead to skin discoloration. That’s why it’s super important to wear SPF every day!

True or false: New small dark spots on your skin are most likely harmless sun spots.

False. No matter how big or small, not all all hyperpigmentation on the skin is a sun spot. If you notice new or abnormal sun spots, make sure you visit your dermatologist.

True or False: Vitamins and botanicals help fade spots by interrupting melanin production.

True! We highly suggest loading up on lighteners during the day and at night to help correct skin tone.

True or False: Any kind of irritation accelerates the production of pigment.

True. If your skin flares up, make sure you use a basic creamy cleanser and moisturizer with ceramides so your skin can recover. Simply put: keep calm and take care of your skin!