January is fitness resolution month. People all across America are working to get healthy and make this the year they make their fitness goals come true. Around this time of the month, goal-getters lose focus. Don’t be the 60% of Americans that fail to meet their goals. Facial Flex® wants to make sure you start reaching your fitness goals and stay fit. Here’s how to get your workout regime going and stick to your fitness plan even in the midst of the busiest of schedules.

Get a Buddy
Meet a friend, join a class, or get a personal trainer. Find someone who is as committed as you are and helps to keep you accountable for your work-outs.

Amp it Up
There is nothing more motivating than a rockin’ tune. Rock out with some classics, techno beats, or hip-hop jams; whatever gets that body moving.

Whether you have to get up an hour earlier, work-out during lunch, or commit to the evening, find a time you can maintain. Make your work-out time a priority and have a no-excuses policy.

Eat Smaller Portions
When it comes to food, bigger isn’t always better. Keep protein portions to the size of your palm. Any indulgences like French fries or decadent desserts should be no larger than a computer mouse.

Eat Often
Long spans in between meals can cause huge fluctuations in your blood sugar. Eat small meals every 2 ½ to 3 hours and your mood, energy-levels and blood sugar will remain consistent.

2015 is the year of the faster, stronger you. These tips will ensure you are on the right path. Make sure your beauty regime doesn’t fall off the bandwagon and takes four minutes a day to stimulate your facial muscles using the Facial Flex® medical device. It takes just eight weeks which is ample time to look your most radiant for Valentine’s Day. Get started now and order your Facial-Flex® device online at www.facialflex.com.